MOTs - available on demand or by appointment at Checkpoint Warminster car garage

We’ve carried out class 4 MOTs for 27 years using up to date testing equipment. Checkpoint Warminster has three dedicated and qualified MOT inspectors on site who are approved by the DVSA.
We now offer Class 7 MOTs for camper vans and 3500 weight vans & pickups.
Re-tests, if required, are free within 10 days.  
MOTs are available on demand or by appointment by calling 01985 215148 or 01985 215024
You can get an MOT for your vehicle up to a month (minus a day) before the MOT expires. To check when your vehicle is due an MOT and car tax please visit:
An MOT test takes approximately one hour, but this could take longer if any repairs are need to be carried out. Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to your MOT is due to take place and you can leave your car with us until it is convenient for you to collect.
We will advise you of any repairs that are needed on your vehicle to ensure that your car passes its MOT and is deemed as ‘roadworthy’. For a full list of what is checked during the MOT test, and to book your car in, visit today.
Checkpoint Warminster car garage MOTs